Purple Potatoes and Green Tomatoes

I was planning on writing more about fish today, but have gotten a bit side-tracked thanks to the Marché Président-Wilson. This morning I set out to discover a new farmers’ market in a neighborhood that I don’t know very well, and… what a treat! Located in the 16th arrondissement, this food market finds its home […]

What Happened Next?

I recently wrote about how I became a pescetarian. After reading my post, a friend of a friend wrote me, wondering what happened next. I admit, going “pescetarian” has been quite an adventure, from buying fish and learning new vocabulary (in both French and English!), to properly cutting it in a restaurant and, of course, […]

Tantalizing Tabouli (Recipe)

What do quinoa, mangoes and shrimp have in common? Not much; they just all found their way into my “Tantalizing Tabouli.”  I’m a huge fan of tabouli, traditionally made with bulgur wheat and dominated by fresh parsley.  I often play with different combinations of ingredients, including the grains.  This version is a fun, colorful (and […]

Fiery Moelleux au Chocolat (Recipe)

What happens when you add New Mexican chili powder to a traditional moelleux au chocolat? You get an intense chocolate dessert that makes you feel like you’re traveling continents by simply lifting your spoon.  At first, you’re in France.  You bite into tradition- smooth, rich chocolate.  Then you’re transported across the Atlantic with a spicy […]

Drum roll, please…

The much-awaited kitchen countertop! Side note: as we were setting it up, someone (I promised Sébastien I wouldn’t mention any names) accidentally burnt a hole through the instructions (yes, right through the middle where the words and diagrams are).  Result: a bit of intuitive creativity was needed- combined with a morning of hammering, this was […]

The Enormous Golden Key

Official move-out day has finally arrived. Tonight we’ll be doing what they call the Etat des Lieux and giving the keys back to the owner at our old apartment.  When you rent in France you have two important pieces of paper: Contrat de Location and Etat des Lieux. The first is easy- it’s your contract.  […]