Drum roll, please…

countertopThe much-awaited kitchen countertop!

Side note: as we were setting it up, someone (I promised Sébastien I wouldn’t mention any names) accidentally burnt a hole through the instructions (yes, right through the middle where the words and diagrams are).  Result: a bit of intuitive creativity was needed- combined with a morning of hammering, this was the recipe for success.  Since then, however, we’ve been using the “grown-up”-safety lock on the new stove.

Other moving updates: last week I finished cleaning the “heating system” in the bedroom.  There are three (or remnants of three) different heating devices in this room: an old fireplace (boarded up, but still sporting a bit of 1930s soot), an old (dusty) gas radiator just in front of the fireplace, and a modern electric heater attached to the wall next to its two predecessors.  We can’t use the first two, but since they’re there, I figured I might as well make them look pretty.

Back to the kitchen.  We’re still missing some shelves, but other than that it’s up and in running order!  We’ve already begun cooking up a storm- check back for upcoming recipes…

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