A Whole Fish

Un bar entier is exactly what we asked for on one of our most recent trips to the fish monger. Until then, I had steered clear of anything waiting on ice with eyes and a tail.  Being surrounded by the waves and the sea and all during vacation, it just made sense to dive in […]

Gallic Wine, Anyone?

Even after a few days back in Paris, I still have vineyards on my mind and can’t help sharing some photos of the twisting vines and beautiful blue grapes. I spent one of my first years in France teaching English in a small town just outside the city of Bordeaux– in other words, surrounded by […]

Barbecue à la Bordelaise

What I learned during vacation: there’s more to vineyards than wine! When we pulled into the empty parking spot under our apartment building last night, our venture home from vacation wasn’t quite finished.  We still had to unload the car.  You have to admit, most of us take a handful of unnecessary things on vacation […]

Out Biking

Hasn’t everyone dreamt of biking through the French countryside? Imagined themselves rolling up and down inviting hills, a gentle wind blowing on their face?  Ripe vineyards on one side, lush forest and blue Atlantic waves on the other?  Don’t leave out the baguette and bottle of Bordeaux nestled in the basket on the front of […]

Spelt Quiche Crust (Recipe)

Not too long ago, I bought a bag of organic spelt flour (farine d’épeautre) at a nearby health-food store. This wasn’t the first time I’d ventured into the more “unusual” flour section of the store.  I’d had my eyes on this particular flour for a while, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to […]