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aquitaineHasn’t everyone dreamt of biking through the French countryside?

Imagined themselves rolling up and down inviting hills, a gentle wind blowing on their face?  Ripe vineyards on one side, lush forest and blue Atlantic waves on the other?  Don’t leave out the baguette and bottle of Bordeaux nestled in the basket on the front of the bike. Perfect, no?  What we tend to forget in our little fantasy is the next day, and the sore back that comes from 20 km of spontaneous biking.  Another word for my current state: summer vacation.

When we left Paris nearly two weeks ago, two of the three boulangeries in our neighborhood were closed until the end of the month.  The other one didn’t seem to have the energy to make enough chocolate croissants for the handful of residents still lingering in the city- a sure sign it was time to do what most Parisians do during the month of August: go on vacation.  Some go to the mountains, others to the countryside, even more to the seaside.  Sébastien and I have been gallivanting around Aquitaine (yes, in part on bike), getting some much-needed sun and, of course, trying some local cooking techniques.  I’ll have stories when I get back: from our first-ever whole fish cooked over open flames to using sarments from local vineyards to make a barbecue.  What are sarments?  I’ll be writing all about them next week.

One thought on “Out Biking

  1. Perfect ? Not at all ! Something is missing in your basket on the front of the bike : a Camembert of course !

    The embers of “sarments” (vine shoots) are usually used to grill fish (sardine, marckerel, …), sausages, meat and also snails (a catalan speciality).

    Good return home.

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