Filming in the Kitchen

Some films just make you hungry. I was absolutely starving after seeing Julie & Julia last Friday night. It’s always a bad idea to catch a 7:30 film without eating beforehand (especially when you had lunch at 11:30).  When it’s a film about cooking (and eating), it’s even worse.  Thanks to the hastily-purchased lemon tart […]

Leek “Fondue” (Recipe)

The French verb fondre means to melt. Most of us are familiar with Fondue Savoyarde (bread dipped into a combination of melted cheeses) or even Fondue Bourguignonne (meat dipped into hot oil).  In culinary French, however, the term doesn’t only refer to a swash-buckling meal where you have to fend for yourself. Fondre is also […]

Julie & Julia: Coming to Paris

Nora Ephron’s most recent film Julie and Julia makes its Paris debut this Wednesday, September 16. I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival since hearing about it from family and friends in the States.  Meryl Streep supposedly gives a brilliant rendition of the celebrated Julia Child. After all this waiting, and since I’ve always had a […]

Soupe de Potimarron (Recipe)

My favorite season has arrived! Autumn?  You’re thinking.  Almost. Potimarron season. A potimarron is a medium-sized winter squash which looks kind of like a pumpkin and tastes like chestnuts.  Actually, thanks to this site, I just learned that potimarron is a combination of the French word for pumpkin (potiron) and chestnut (marron)- I love that […]

Sun-dried Tomato Pesto (Recipe)

The only thing that beats traditional basil pesto is its sun-dried cousin. I first made this version on a Thursday evening as a thick sauce over baked salmon.  It worked well because the garlic and tomatoes were flavorful enough to counter balance the naturally strong taste of the fish.  To our delight, we had quite […]

Eating Local on the River Loire

We didn’t really know if we were supposed to eat the heads or not! Looking back at our most-recent two days in the Loire Valley, I’m still proud of myself for trying the tiny fish you see in the photo.  Friture de petits poissons was listed as an appetizer on La Croisette’s menu.  We were […]