NPR on the Louvre

“MacDo,” as it’s often called here in France, is up against the Louvre. Can’t help sharing this “feather ruffling” NPR article on the controversial subject of McDonald’s opening in one of the most celebrated museums in the world. Anyone who knows me can probably guess what my initial reaction to hearing this was (similar to […]

Cabbage Flowers

Our thoroughly amusing find at the farmers’ market this week: a bouquet of cabbage flowers. On the sign, it was simply marked “choux” (the French word for cabbage), but a quick Internet search revealed a couple other potential names in English: flowering kale and ornamental cabbage. I’m still a bit confused about these guys, for […]

Bourru wine has arrived!

Autumn doesn’t only announce it’s arrival in France with colorful leaves, but with a very unique, very young, and slightly bubbly wine called bourru. Driving on the outskirts of Bordeaux this weekend, I noticed several handwritten signs along the roads.  “Le bourru est arrivé,” wine merchants were announcing, inviting clients to purchase the juice from […]

French Cuisine, Today?

My head’s been swirling with a stew of questions, all wondering about contemporary French cuisine. Since I’ve been reading up on Julia Child this year, I’ve been vicariously living in post-WWII France, salivating over elaborate descriptions of the food and wine she discovered (and would soon share with her fellow Americans) in the 1950s.  Thanks […]