Pear & Roquefort Cake (Recipe)

Today’s my blog’s first birthday! In honor, I made a cake. This was an adventure, considering I had never made a savory cake before. On my way home last Friday I was imagining exactly how I wanted it to turn out- and trying to figure out which ingredients (and in which proportions) would make it […]

Fennel & Leek Soup (Recipe)

Want to know a kind of funny secret? I’d never, until this week, bought a fennel. I don’t really know why I asked for two, last Sunday, at our market’s organic produce stand. These awkward whitish bulbs were just piled there, kind of like beady fish eyes staring at passersby. It was what you’d call […]

My Buddha Bowl: An Asian Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Starting today, the Paris farmers’ markets are “en fête,” which means they’re celebrating with music, photo contests, and all sorts of fun goings-on. We can all join in the festivities through Sunday- a good reason to go explore some of the 83 (at least that’s what I’ve counted) food markets in the city. The city […]

Confiture de Lait

As I’m writing this, there’s a brand-new jar of confiture de lait staring at me from across the table. Maybe I should wait, but this “milk jam” has already been in the house twenty-nine hours and I’m curious. I’ve already seen this mystery from afar, many times, but I’ve never tried it. This jar showed […]

Kefir and Red Berry Smoothie (Recipe)

When I moved to college, one of the first gadgets I had to buy was a blender. Same thing when I moved to Paris. Growing up, every morning started off with the sound of fruit and yogurt whirling in the kitchen. I probably had a smoothie nearly every day or so- right up until I […]

Homemade Engine Revving Muesli (Recipe)

After avoiding the subject for way too long, I’ve signed up for French driving lessons. Unless your American license was issued in one of the 13 states (see below) that have a reciprocity agreement with France, you have to take both the written and driving tests once you live here permanently. That means drivers’ ed […]