Ready for Dessert: Newest Book on My Shelf

This week I got to meet David Lebovitz and picked up a beautiful (and heavy) copy of his latest cookbook, Ready for Dessert. Full of mouth-watering photos, clearly-presented recipes and loads of baking tips, it simply makes me want to get in the kitchen- and bake. While many of the recipes are reminiscent of classic […]

Freshly Grated Nutmeg

I couldn’t pass this one up: a little jar of whole nutmeg seeds and a miniature grater. Freshly ground nutmeg, I’ve just discovered, is simply stronger and much more aromatic than the pre-ground spice. I found my little jar of noix de muscade in the spice section of the neighborhood grocery store and have been […]

A Real Chocolate Factory

In Bracieux, France, the same small village that inspired Alexandre Dumas to write about the fictive musketeer, Porthos, you’ll find a chocolate factory. Not far from Blois in the Loire Valley, chocolate-maker Max Vauché, has set up a chocolatier worth visiting. We took a tour of the contemporary facilities (where dried cacao beans stuffed into […]