The Yogurt Diaries

I’m standing in the kitchen, waiting for the hot water to boil so I can sterilize the yogurt pots.

That’s how cool I am right this minute – I’m making yogurt! And, I’ve found a new writing spot – the kitchen countertop. A dim light glowing over the sink, the tiniest bit of fresh air coming in from the cold dark outside, a heavy copper pot cooing ever so slightly behind me.

This is only my forth batch of yogurt. Each time’s been different, a crafty new combination of milk and yogurt cultures.

What fun, like a grown-up sort of science project – and the best part is that I’m starting at the beginning, just learning how this whole process goes! Thus, the reason I’ve decided to keep an ongoing log about my adventures in yogurt making.

Let’s go back to the beginning: batch number one on the new yogurt maker:

Nov. 1, 2010
(Copied down from my little log book):

As far as I know, you’re supposed to use a live yogurt culture, which I understand is present in my favorite yogurt from the local grocery store. Can I use raw milk? Let’s see what happens…


– 11/2 L milk (whole raw milk, bought from a small vendor at a farmers’ market near Bordeaux)

– 1 plain yogurt (one of my favorites, “la fermière”)

What did I do?

Boiled the milk for 15 minutes, then let it cool to room temperature. (Actually, was watching tv, forgot about the cooling milk, went to bed and shot right back up just as soon as I hit that oh-so-perfect spot between the pillow and the covers. How could I have forgotten?)

Near midnight, I’m futzing around in my mother-in-law’s kitchen, trying not to wake anyone. I have to do it now – afraid my carefully boiled milk won’t be good in the morning.

I mix my milk with my yogurt (by now, everyone including the cat is in the kitchen). Nine and a half hours later, seven little pots of rather decadent yogurt are waiting in the yogurt machine.

Result: Very smooth, not too thick (can kind of pour it out). Quite intense, because of the whole milk, I presume?

Next batch: back at home in Paris, using organic demi-écrémé.

2 thoughts on “The Yogurt Diaries

  1. Small doses of such “intense” yogurt is a wonderful thing! Wouldn’t be able to eat this particular one every day, though.

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