Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (Recipe)

It’s amusing, the number of random, yet special little finds, I come across in even the most ordinary grocery stores around here. Take, for example, the tin of chocolate powder I found just the other day. Inside, there’s nothing complicated – just 100% pure chocolate, ready for concocting goodies like hot chocolate or buttercream frosting. […]

Mini Quatre-Quarts (Recipe)

A quatre-quart is a simple cake traditionally made with four different ingredients (eggs, sugar, flour and butter) in equal parts. Thus the name, “four-quarters”. One thing I’ve learned about French cooking is that you have to have a scale. Unlike American recipes, European ones give ingredients in weight (i.e. grams for butter or kilos for […]

The Yogurt Diaries 2

It’s snowing in Paris – miniature flakes scurrying down from a surprisingly bright white sky. And it’s below freezing – maybe not the best time to be writing about yogurt – too cold for anything from the refrigerator. But, it’s been a yogurt factory around here and I have some stories to share. Like I […]