Chocolate Buttercream Frosting (Recipe)

It’s amusing, the number of random, yet special little finds, I come across in even the most ordinary grocery stores around here. Take, for example, the tin of chocolate powder I found just the other day. Inside, there’s nothing complicated – just 100% pure chocolate, ready for concocting goodies like hot chocolate or buttercream frosting. The tin, though, was what got me – and has become the active ingredient in one of those senseless pleasures that simply brightens my day. Meaningless as it is, I enjoy reaching up to take this tin down from the shelf. I’d put it up on display with the cookbooks  because it seemed to add this necessary 1950s charm to the kitchen. It’s an off-white tin sporting the image of a smiling young woman on the front. Her eyes, with her long eyelashes, are closed and she’s dreaming up all the desserts she can make with the chocolate inside the box. On one side, this same girl is running with the box of chocolate and on the other she’s devilishly eating the cupcakes she’d just made.  I guess she kind of reminded me of myself? I’ll get it down from its place above the cookbooks, smugly satisfied at the combined weight of the sturdy box and the chocolate still inside.  The tin makes a little “clack” when I pop off the top.  Life’s little pleasures. Really can’t believe I found this treasure at the dinky old grocery store.

Thus, chocolate buttercream frosting was in order.

Shopping List

Unsalted butter (room temperature)

Unsweetened chocolate powder

Powdered sugar (sucre glace in French, not sucre en poudre!*)


1. Mix up the butter.

2. Add the chocolate powder and sugar, tasting until you have the right combination (it may depend on your mood or on the sweetness of cake you’re frosting).

That’s it. Really.

*Sucre en poudre is regular granulated sugar.

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