Upstairs at Duroc Issue 12

The latest edition of the Paris-based literary review, Upstairs at Duroc, is out and ready to be read!

Why am I so excited? Under the shiny green and white cover, lies my first ever piece of published fiction!

Issue 12 includes poetry, prose and photography from a varied group of international writers. If you like poetry, you’ll find a selection of contemporary work by authors such as Alice Notley. I had the chance to hear her read at the review’s launch last January and feel honored to have my own work printed under the same cover.  If you like photography, there are several crisp black and white shots that give the book a timeless, artsies feeling. And, of course, there’s fiction…

You can pick up a copy of the review tonight at the American Library as they host Upstairs at Duroc for a poetry reading. March is poetry month in Paris (aka “le printemps des poètes”) and just about everyone participates (from actors reciting in the streets to small bookshops opening their doors to poetry-hungry visitors). This year’s theme is “Infinite Landscapes” and tonight you’ll hear from poets Margo Berdeshevsky, Paula Bohince, Dylan Harris, and Sarah Riggs.

If you can’t make it to the reading, you can support the publication (and budding artists like me) by ordering a book. Contact me here if you’re interested.

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