Perfect Scrambled Eggs (Recipe)

You can’t just throw any old eggs into a skillet, watch them with one eye and think you’ll get perfect scrambled eggs. Oh no, there are some secrets: the kind of eggs you use, the kind of skillet, even how you beat them and how many eyes are watching. Over the years I’ve been polishing […]

French-Style Baked Eggs (Recipe)

Oeufs cocotte are eggs baked in small ramekins. Before trying my hand at them, I had eaten three French-style baked eggs in my life. Two of them were among the best dishes I have ever tasted. The first was at the Auld Alliance bed and breakfast in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland (the chef […]

Happy Curry Chowder (Recipe)

I’ve been feeling just plain happy lately. One of the reasons must surely be the sunshine that has finally come to Paris. Another reason dawned on me yesterday morning in yoga. It was the first time I’d taken an official class from my younger sister (living-room yoga during her training doesn’t count). The experience itself […]

Coconut Lentil Soup (Recipe)

Since I’m on a lentil run this week, here’s another protein/iron-packed recipe for you. This soup has become a stable in our house and I’ve made it too many times to count. I’d found the original recipe in “New Vegetarian” by Celia Brooks Brown. A good friend gave me the cookbook years ago and its […]

Gluten-Free Quiche (Recipe)

I’ve taken it upon myself to start making more gluten-free recipes. I’m enjoying the challenge of creating dishes that family and friends who are allergic to gluten normally can’t eat – like quiche. I’ve always liked experimenting with food, from trying new flours to swapping out traditional ingredients for fresh new finds. It was only […]

No Palm Oil for a Year

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been fiction writing. The last week in June, I participated in the Paris Writers’ Workshop. It was a fabulous experience, one of those that changes you just so slightly and leaves you feeling inspired. I learned quite a bit during the five-day workshop (from the “nuts and […]