Detox Smoothie (Recipe)

Today’s the first day Little Buddha and I are 100% on our own.

Up to now we’ve always had someone hanging out at the house with us. Fortunately, we had lots of help in the first few weeks because coordinating oneself and a newborn isn’t easy! I hadn’t believed my friends when they said taking a shower would become an accomplishment. I believe them now.

I’m impressed with the morning we just had – thanks to the Moby wrap (now that I’ve figured out how to tie it), I managed to make and eat my breakfast… and am now typing with two hands.

The last week my mom was here, she read an article about detox smoothies and decided to help counter balance too many butter-filled French pastries with what she called the “Green Drink”. Since my morning job was getting Little Buddha ready for the day (i.e. feeding him), her job was getting us ready for the day (i.e. feeding us). Thus, all last week I was subject to a funky-colored leafy green smoothie.

Maybe it was just psychological, but we both swore the “Green Drink” was working. I especially liked the fact that all the veggies my mom threw in were raw; thus, none of the nutrients were lost in cooking.

Some days my mom used spinach and others she used lamb’s lettuce. Called “mâche” in French, this is easy to find in just about any grocery store around here. It’s quite popular in France, but I’d only ever seen it pre-packaged in a plastic sack (an environmental no-no in my book). Imagine my delight when I spotted some at the farmers’ market last week. The leaves were larger than the store-bought version and a wonderful dark green.

I’m thinking back to last summer and the first trimester of my pregnancy. I should have made this smoothie then, as a way to get myself to eat more leafy greens. I still can’t believe I didn’t want to eat spinach for a good three months, especially since that’s what you’re supposed to eat when pregnant. Leafy greens contain folic acid, which helps neural development in the early stages.

I also liked this smoothie for the kefir, a probiotic made from fermented milk. The combination of leafy greens and kefir helps promote digestion, and (we’re convinced) gives extra energy.

So, my mom and I spent a special last week together before she headed out of town.  There we were every morning, a slightly befuddled new mom and a calm seasoned grandmother, downing the “Green Drink” and munching chocolate croissants.


Shopping List



Apple juice


Baby spinach or lamb’s lettuce



Mix all ingredients in a blender – yes, even the carrot if your blender is sturdy enough; otherwise, use carrot juice.

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