Welcome Baby!

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been (and still am) in baby land.

2013 has started off with the arrival of a healthy, happy baby boy in our house. Since we didn’t find out if our little one was a girl or a boy until the big day, I started calling him Little Buddha early on in pregnancy. This was the perfect name all along, as we did lots of prenatal yoga together and listened to classical guitar music nearly every afternoon – basically, we found calm and zen as often as we could. This was probably the number one key to having a wonderful pregnancy – which I actually kind of miss!

Now, Little Buddha is here and we’re on to the next adventure. So far this has meant spending long moments staring in awe at our little bundle, changing diapers and feeding, feeding (okay, those two are obvious), being the center of attention at the farmers’ market, and learning to type blog posts with one hand at 3am.

There have also been some fun baking projects going on in our house lately. I have banana bread and brownie posts patiently waiting, just haven’t yet found the time, or hand coordination!

5 thoughts on “Welcome Baby!

  1. Joy! Congratulations! Oh, I’m delighted I popped by your blog. Have fun with Little Buddha. All the best.

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