Where to Eat in Paris

There are so many special places to dine in Paris, and I’ve finally gotten around to updating my list of favorite French restaurants. 

We recently went walking around Montmartre and passed by some places where we’d eaten in the past. Sadly, the café had been replaced by a chain coffee shop (I don’t think I need to actually name it) and the fondue restaurant was under major renovation. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going in there, but there was something about pigs in the new name. It was a beautiful, sunny day – not weather that I’d consider appropriate for nostalgia. I couldn’t help remembering these charming little places though and feeling a bit sad they didn’t exist anymore – and without me knowing! I almost felt betrayed – that café up on Place du Tertre was ours; it had sheltered us from rain one day. I took it all very personally – I hadn’t gotten a chance to say god-bye to the restaurant owner’s Lhassa Apso from Tibet. I was especially sorry when I came home and had to delete them from my favorite restaurants list.

Then, I remembered all the superb places we’d discovered since I first published that list. So many important restaurants were missing. Thus, I set to work choosing our very favorites, reminiscing all the while. The sound of chinking silverware, the cozy feeling of too small tables, the giddy fear of an unfamiliar dish… Ah, dining out in Paris, what a pleasant adventure!

Whether you live here or are just visiting, have a look at my list (I’ve included primarily fine-dining French restaurants for a special lunch or dinner).

Do you have any favorites to share? 

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