Everyday Life in Paris

Queen for a Day

We haven’t broken into the “gâteau des rois” yet, but I’m feeling lucky today and think I just might be the one to get the piece with the “fève” hidden in it. It’s a French tradition to celebrate Epiphany (today) with a special cake that has a surprise tucked inside (usually a miniature porcelain figurine). […]

Confiture de Lait

As I’m writing this, there’s a brand-new jar of confiture de lait staring at me from across the table. Maybe I should wait, but this “milk jam” has already been in the house twenty-nine hours and I’m curious. I’ve already seen this mystery from afar, many times, but I’ve never tried it. This jar showed […]

Homemade Engine Revving Muesli (Recipe)

After avoiding the subject for way too long, I’ve signed up for French driving lessons. Unless your American license was issued in one of the 13 states (see below) that have a reciprocity agreement with France, you have to take both the written and driving tests once you live here permanently. That means drivers’ ed […]

Ready for Dessert: Newest Book on My Shelf

This week I got to meet David Lebovitz and picked up a beautiful (and heavy) copy of his latest cookbook, Ready for Dessert. Full of mouth-watering photos, clearly-presented recipes and loads of baking tips, it simply makes me want to get in the kitchen- and bake. While many of the recipes are reminiscent of classic […]

Freshly Grated Nutmeg

I couldn’t pass this one up: a little jar of whole nutmeg seeds and a miniature grater. Freshly ground nutmeg, I’ve just discovered, is simply stronger and much more aromatic than the pre-ground spice. I found my little jar of noix de muscade in the spice section of the neighborhood grocery store and have been […]

Upstairs at Duroc’s New Reading Series

The Paris-based English literary and arts review, Upstairs at Duroc, is launching a new reading series…tonight. In cooperation with Berkeley Books of Paris, an English-language bookshop, “Pause on the Landing” (I know, we try to be clever when we can) will be a recurring discussion-based gathering to help support both new and established writers. The […]