Everyday Life in Paris

Growing Wild Asparagus

Spring has (literally) sprung early in our apartment this year. Meet Fergie, the wild asparagus plant that has been mesmerizing us for a few weeks now. I had a good laugh when I walked in the door from work one evening and saw Sébastien holding a small terracotta pot sporting the most awkward, scrawny, spiky […]

Going to the Prefecture

You can’t have a blog on Paris without mentioning the infamous Préfecture de Police. This is where one goes for a handful of administrative documents in France, and in a foreigner’s case, for your titre de séjour- the card that gives you permission to live in France and acts as your “identity card.”  Once you […]

January 20

I’m back!  Just walked in the door and haven’t even taken my shoes off- soon as I take them off there will be a million other things to do- laundry, dinner, grading, hanging up the toilet paper holder (that we finally bought after six months), hanging up the bathroom mirror (same thing), blowing my nose, […]

Adventures in Tamarind

I’d already heard of “tamarind paste” plenty of times.  Until this week, though, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you exactly what it was, or even where to find it. Some exotic spice, no?  The one that giddily finds its way into Indian and Thai cookbooks; the one I’d always ignored.  Until my most […]

French Cuisine, Today?

My head’s been swirling with a stew of questions, all wondering about contemporary French cuisine. Since I’ve been reading up on Julia Child this year, I’ve been vicariously living in post-WWII France, salivating over elaborate descriptions of the food and wine she discovered (and would soon share with her fellow Americans) in the 1950s.  Thanks […]

Filming in the Kitchen

Some films just make you hungry. I was absolutely starving after seeing Julie & Julia last Friday night. It’s always a bad idea to catch a 7:30 film without eating beforehand (especially when you had lunch at 11:30).  When it’s a film about cooking (and eating), it’s even worse.  Thanks to the hastily-purchased lemon tart […]