Restaurant Reviews

Doughnut Plant: Best in New York

I could never live in New York City. Why? Because of the Doughnut Plant. This is an evilly addictive bakery that specializes in natural ingredient doughnuts and is so delicious that we went a total of five times during our two-week stay in Manhattan (we would have gone even more had we discovered it the […]

C’est la rentrée!

It’s “la rentrée,” or French New Year, as I like to call it. The American term “back to school” is the closest translation I can find for the phenomenon that has been sweeping Paris for the past week. It’s a poor translation because “la rentrée” isn’t just for kids and college students; it’s for… well… […]

Eating Mexican in Paris (Restaurant Reviews)

When we first arrived in Paris, Sébastien and I stayed clear of Mexican restaurants. Coming from Santa Fe, I felt there was something infinitely wrong about eating “Mexican” in France. I’d grown up on the real stuff – the thick, hot, decadent sauces that make up traditional Northern New Mexican cuisine. Mexican without fresh Hatch […]

Brunch in Paris

I’ve been on hiatus for way too long – doing everything but writing blog posts.I’m looking back at my date book: it’s all marked up with blue, red, black – even some purple to keep different going-ons in order. Can I blame it on springtime in Paris? The weather is not condusive to being good […]

Grom: Best Gelato in Paris

I’ll keep this simple:GROM. Best gelato in Paris. Natural. Organic. Taste the ingredients, not the sugar. Two scoops: espresso and salted butter caramel with a dollop of fresh (real, real) whipped cream. 81, rue de Seine (at Odéon). Go there. And check out the inspiration: Slow Food Movement to justify eating more Grom.