Restaurant Reviews

Eating “Cru” in Paris (Restaurant Review)

A little over a year ago, I ate a delicious “raw thai” soup at a Santa Fe café/restaurant called Body. It was a thick cold soup with two of my favorite ingredients: coconut milk and avocado. What impressed me even more about this soup is that it was completely raw. Since then I’ve been intrigued […]

Eating Through San Francisco

I knew I was back in Paris this morning when I got on the metro. At 7:30, the cars on line 6 aren’t the sweaty, crowded bunkers you encounter later in the day. Actually, this morning, still caught somewhere between sleep and awake, I had to remind myself I was in public transportation on my […]

Gambas au Safran (Recipe)

Here’s a French-inspired dish for you, but first let me write an important reminder to myself: there are no outdoor food markets in Paris on Mondays. Not anywhere, ever. And, all the charming food shops lining the street near our apartment are also closed on Mondays, including the fruit shop, the cheese shop, the coffee […]

Bistrot Mavrommatis (Restaurant Review)

When I got home yesterday, my husband was surprised to hear I hadn’t done any “bêtises,” which means I hadn’t gotten into any mischief. Paris is the easiest place to get into innocent (edible) trouble. Usually, I have a whole story to tell – about how “exceptionally” some administrative building was closed and that trek […]

Jamie’s Italian, Oxford (Restaurant Review)

When traveling, you sometimes stumble upon the best places to eat without even trying. This was our case with Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant on the corner of George and Gloucester Streets in Oxford. Moseying along, we noticed a long line of people coming out of this one particular restaurant – must be good, we thought. […]