Heritage Minestrone (Recipe)

The second part of this post is all about the minestrone soup I made after this Sunday’s farmers’ market. First though, I want to tell you about last weekend and the “Journées européennes du patrimoine” (or, European Heritage Days). I had already re-scheduled (note RE-scheduled) an eye appointment for Saturday afternoon, and Sébastien was set […]

C’est la rentrée!

It’s “la rentrée,” or French New Year, as I like to call it. The American term “back to school” is the closest translation I can find for the phenomenon that has been sweeping Paris for the past week. It’s a poor translation because “la rentrée” isn’t just for kids and college students; it’s for… well… […]

Conversations from Scotland

Conversation between Sebastien and I upon arrival in Scotland a week ago: It’s not raining. S: Wow, this is great! We landed in Glasgow two hours ago and here we already are in Stirling! J: Yeah, that was super fast. We got our bags, the car, went to the bathroom in, what, an hour tops? […]

Highlights from the Highlands

If I were a sheep, I would live in Scotland. I say this because Sebastien and I have just spent five days exploring the Scottish Highlands and it was quite obvious that the sheep rule. They dominate the landscape. Happy (and oblivious) as can be, they spend the entire day grazing on the open fields. […]

Bell Pepper Tabouli (Recipe)

Whenever we have a picnic, I make tabouli salad. Each time it turns out a little different (depending on what ingredients I throw in). This particular recipe (featuring fresh bell peppers) is one of my favorites and probably the one I make the most often. The red and yellow organic bell peppers that I buy […]

Eating Mexican in Paris (Restaurant Reviews)

When we first arrived in Paris, Sébastien and I stayed clear of Mexican restaurants. Coming from Santa Fe, I felt there was something infinitely wrong about eating “Mexican” in France. I’d grown up on the real stuff – the thick, hot, decadent sauces that make up traditional Northern New Mexican cuisine. Mexican without fresh Hatch […]