Berry Delight (Recipe)

It took me quite some time to find where to buy frozen berries in France. When I first arrived as a junior in college, I was an avid smoothie drinker – concocting one pretty much every day or so. Since I had other priorities that first year, I kind of let smoothie-drinking go by the […]

Oxford Blue and Marksbury Cheddar

It’s the Quatorze Juillet back in France. A good day to write about cheese, no? I haven’t been in Oxford very long, but I’ve already noticed quite an admiration for France – in culinary terms at any rate. Walk down the streets in the city center and you’ll come across many French-style bakeries selling croissants, […]

Pear & Roquefort Cake (Recipe)

Today’s my blog’s first birthday! In honor, I made a cake. This was an adventure, considering I had never made a savory cake before. On my way home last Friday I was imagining exactly how I wanted it to turn out- and trying to figure out which ingredients (and in which proportions) would make it […]

Cheese in Amboise

Amboise, a small town in the Loire Valley, is known primarily for its overbearing medieval castle- once home to some of France’s most famous rulers, as well as to Catherine of Medici’s ten children! Amboise is also renowned for Clos-Lucé, the stately home where Leonardo da Vinci (invited by the French King Francois I) spent […]

Favorite San Francisco Restaurants

Three of the restaurants I tried while in San Francisco left quite an impression on me. What I appreciated most was the excellent vegetarian fare they all offered. In this post, I’ll be talking about Greens, an upscale vegetarian restaurant, Pauline’s Pizza and Dragon Well, a hip Chinese spot. Greens My new favorite restaurant (in […]

Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market (San Francisco)

Back from San Francisco- with lots of foodie stories to share! When I travel, it’s all about food- well, at least 85%. It’s about trying new fare and seeing what’s in, what’s local. It’s about color and spice and just plain satisfying the palate. Food-wise, San Francisco is a beautiful fusion of culture. I felt […]