Gluten-Free Peach & Raspberry Crumble (Recipe)

I made this healthy dessert with my little nieces in mind. They all have different tastes and dietary needs, so it isn’t easy coming up with a dish that all three will enjoy. I’m pretty sure fresh peaches, raspberries and the playful, nutty flavor of crumbly buckwheat will please them all – at least I […]

Buckwheat Galettes and Dessert Crepes (Recipes)

First, I’d like to say it’s cold in Paris right now. Very cold. This weekend we went to have a look at the green booksellers’ stands along the Seine. “Bouquinistes” have been selling old books, magazines, posters, etc. along the riverbanks for centuries and since 1991 the “boxes” have been classed as a UNESCO World […]

Spelt, Carrot and Parsnip Cake (Recipe)

Most baked goods (like cookies) taste best right out of the oven. Carrot cake, however, always seems to get better over a few days. I wanted to try my hands at making a healthy cake (or is it more of a bread?) that I could eat either for breakfast or as a mid-day energy snack. […]

Chocolate Almond Cake (Recipe)

Before I get to the chocolate cake part, let me talk about the BEST MACARONS IN PARIS. Promise you they’re linked… Last year for my sister’s 25th birthday, my mom and I trekked all over the city collecting macarons. The first part of our goal was to surprise the birthday girl with 25 (yes, an […]

Lemon Bars (Recipe)

Lemon bars are one of my very favorite desserts – they always have been. When I was a teenager, my mom, sister, brother, and I would trek down to Albuquerque for violin lessons – that’s an hour from Santa Fe (where we lived) and thus shows pure dedication. Now that I’m thinking about it, though, […]