Ready for Dessert: Newest Book on My Shelf

This week I got to meet David Lebovitz and picked up a beautiful (and heavy) copy of his latest cookbook, Ready for Dessert. Full of mouth-watering photos, clearly-presented recipes and loads of baking tips, it simply makes me want to get in the kitchen- and bake. While many of the recipes are reminiscent of classic […]

Mardi Gras Crêpes (Recipe)

It’s Mardi Gras! While Halloween may be underplayed in France, Mardi Gras certainly isn’t. A tradition stemming largely from the Middle Ages, children and teenagers (and even some adults) giddily dress up in all kinds of colorful costumes for a day of festive revelry.  No trick-or-treating or candies for this celebration; instead, French tradition calls […]

Fiery Moelleux au Chocolat (Recipe)

What happens when you add New Mexican chili powder to a traditional moelleux au chocolat? You get an intense chocolate dessert that makes you feel like you’re traveling continents by simply lifting your spoon.  At first, you’re in France.  You bite into tradition- smooth, rich chocolate.  Then you’re transported across the Atlantic with a spicy […]