Eating Local on the River Loire

We didn’t really know if we were supposed to eat the heads or not! Looking back at our most-recent two days in the Loire Valley, I’m still proud of myself for trying the tiny fish you see in the photo.  Friture de petits poissons was listed as an appetizer on La Croisette’s menu.  We were […]

A Whole Fish

Un bar entier is exactly what we asked for on one of our most recent trips to the fish monger. Until then, I had steered clear of anything waiting on ice with eyes and a tail.  Being surrounded by the waves and the sea and all during vacation, it just made sense to dive in […]

Barbecue à la Bordelaise

What I learned during vacation: there’s more to vineyards than wine! When we pulled into the empty parking spot under our apartment building last night, our venture home from vacation wasn’t quite finished.  We still had to unload the car.  You have to admit, most of us take a handful of unnecessary things on vacation […]

What Happened Next?

I recently wrote about how I became a pescetarian. After reading my post, a friend of a friend wrote me, wondering what happened next. I admit, going “pescetarian” has been quite an adventure, from buying fish and learning new vocabulary (in both French and English!), to properly cutting it in a restaurant and, of course, […]

Tantalizing Tabouli (Recipe)

What do quinoa, mangoes and shrimp have in common? Not much; they just all found their way into my “Tantalizing Tabouli.”  I’m a huge fan of tabouli, traditionally made with bulgur wheat and dominated by fresh parsley.  I often play with different combinations of ingredients, including the grains.  This version is a fun, colorful (and […]

Canapés au saumon fumé (Recipe)

One of my favorite terms in French is amuse-bouche. The verb amuser means to entertain or amuse and the word bouche means mouth. An amuse-bouche is a small hors d’oeuvre served with an apéritif. The term makes me laugh because I imagine sleepy taste buds being teased and woken up in preparation of the meal […]