Buckwheat Galettes and Dessert Crepes (Recipes)

First, I’d like to say it’s cold in Paris right now. Very cold. This weekend we went to have a look at the green booksellers’ stands along the Seine. “Bouquinistes” have been selling old books, magazines, posters, etc. along the riverbanks for centuries and since 1991 the “boxes” have been classed as a UNESCO World […]

Buckwheat Banana Bread (Recipe)

I’ve been doing some major cooking since the beginning of the New Year. What a joy to get back to my Sunday farmers’ market and familiar kitchen! The last months of 2011 were filled with lots of excitement, from several trips (including Berlin and New Mexico) to some fun Parisian restaurant discoveries – promise to […]

Berry Delight (Recipe)

It took me quite some time to find where to buy frozen berries in France. When I first arrived as a junior in college, I was an avid smoothie drinker – concocting one pretty much every day or so. Since I had other priorities that first year, I kind of let smoothie-drinking go by the […]

Vegan Breakfast Salad (Recipe)

Conclusion first: the original experiment failed after only a few hours. I am not a vegan and will probably never succeed in becoming one (especially not in France where I am surrounded by such good yogurt and cheese). When my sister told me she was going vegan for a month, it reminded me of the […]

Kefir and Red Berry Smoothie (Recipe)

When I moved to college, one of the first gadgets I had to buy was a blender. Same thing when I moved to Paris. Growing up, every morning started off with the sound of fruit and yogurt whirling in the kitchen. I probably had a smoothie nearly every day or so- right up until I […]

Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market (San Francisco)

Back from San Francisco- with lots of foodie stories to share! When I travel, it’s all about food- well, at least 85%. It’s about trying new fare and seeing what’s in, what’s local. It’s about color and spice and just plain satisfying the palate. Food-wise, San Francisco is a beautiful fusion of culture. I felt […]