Growing Wild Asparagus

Spring has (literally) sprung early in our apartment this year. Meet Fergie, the wild asparagus plant that has been mesmerizing us for a few weeks now. I had a good laugh when I walked in the door from work one evening and saw Sébastien holding a small terracotta pot sporting the most awkward, scrawny, spiky […]

Drum roll, please…

The much-awaited kitchen countertop! Side note: as we were setting it up, someone (I promised Sébastien I wouldn’t mention any names) accidentally burnt a hole through the instructions (yes, right through the middle where the words and diagrams are).  Result: a bit of intuitive creativity was needed- combined with a morning of hammering, this was […]


There’s a chocolate dessert in France called a mi-cuit, which literally means “half-cooked.” When you cut into the small round cake, it oozes with dark, rich chocolate. Mi-cuit is also the nickname I’ve given our new kitchen. That doesn’t mean it’s oozing with warm dessert- far from it. In fact, for the last couple weeks […]

Soon-to-be Kitchen

The first thing we did Saturday morning was measure our soon-to-be kitchen. Five feet by nine feet may not sound like much, but it feels enormous compared to our current cuisine. The room still smells of fresh paint and rings with the sound of empty space. As with many unfurnished apartments in Paris, ours comes […]

Everything but the Kitchen…Countertop

Before heading out on our apartment search two years ago, I had only one criteria: it had to have a kitchen countertop. I said it jokingly, not really thinking we would end up with everything but. This afternoon I decided to find out just how small our kitchen is. I pulled out the ruler and […]