Asian String Bean Salad (Recipe)

Twice a month the city of Boulogne-Billancourt, which lies just outside the Paris city limits, hosts an organic farmers’ market. Although you often find organic stands at many Paris-area markets, there are only a few that are fully dedicated to pesticide-free produce. The marché biologique in Boulogne-Billancourt takes place the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of […]

Vegan Breakfast Salad (Recipe)

Conclusion first: the original experiment failed after only a few hours. I am not a vegan and will probably never succeed in becoming one (especially not in France where I am surrounded by such good yogurt and cheese). When my sister told me she was going vegan for a month, it reminded me of the […]

My Buddha Bowl: An Asian Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Starting today, the Paris farmers’ markets are “en fête,” which means they’re celebrating with music, photo contests, and all sorts of fun goings-on. We can all join in the festivities through Sunday- a good reason to go explore some of the 83 (at least that’s what I’ve counted) food markets in the city. The city […]

Organic Cucumber Apple Salad (Recipe)

I didn’t eat cucumber much before coming to France. Now it’s become a staple- and I usually have part of one hanging around somewhere in the fridge. After farmers’ market on Sunday, I came home with an especially nice-looking, organic one that I mixed into a refreshing salad. Since cucumber doesn’t have a very strong […]

Tantalizing Tabouli (Recipe)

What do quinoa, mangoes and shrimp have in common? Not much; they just all found their way into my “Tantalizing Tabouli.”  I’m a huge fan of tabouli, traditionally made with bulgur wheat and dominated by fresh parsley.  I often play with different combinations of ingredients, including the grains.  This version is a fun, colorful (and […]

Salade de chèvre chaud (Recipe)

This is one of my favorite, and easy to find, salads in France. Many restaurants and brasseries have it on their menu and, as the name implies, there will always be lettuce and warm goat cheese. The rest of the garnitures will vary depending on the restaurant, and the season. Unless its specified as an […]