Leek “Fondue” (Recipe)

The French verb fondre means to melt. Most of us are familiar with Fondue Savoyarde (bread dipped into a combination of melted cheeses) or even Fondue Bourguignonne (meat dipped into hot oil).  In culinary French, however, the term doesn’t only refer to a swash-buckling meal where you have to fend for yourself. Fondre is also […]

Oven-roasted Purple Veggies (Recipe)

Ever since last Wednesday and my visit to the open-air market on avenue Président-Wilson I’ve had purple on my mind. What did I do with the three-inch-wide mini purple cauliflower and the purple potatoes I picked up? Cauliflower, I have to be honest, is the only vegetable I really don’t like.  I’ve recently given it […]