Happy Curry Chowder (Recipe)

I’ve been feeling just plain happy lately. One of the reasons must surely be the sunshine that has finally come to Paris. Another reason dawned on me yesterday morning in yoga. It was the first time I’d taken an official class from my younger sister (living-room yoga during her training doesn’t count). The experience itself […]

Buckwheat Banana Bread (Recipe)

I’ve been doing some major cooking since the beginning of the New Year. What a joy to get back to my Sunday farmers’ market and familiar kitchen! The last months of 2011 were filled with lots of excitement, from several trips (including Berlin and New Mexico) to some fun Parisian restaurant discoveries – promise to […]

Pumpkin Bread (Recipe)

Peeking out the window, I can see a week’s worth of heavy clouds finally clearing over. They’re suddenly moving fast, and there’s actually a bit of blue out there. For the past week, winter has been announcing its presence – gray clouds, drizzly rain, dropping temperatures. That’s November. What better season to make warm, fragrant […]

Mexican Rice (Recipe)

I had leftover Mexican rice for lunch the other day and, even though I didn’t heat it back up, it tasted pretty good.That got me thinking of a conversation I recently had with my sister and about the list that resulted from it. There are three kinds of foods : those that just taste so much […]

My Buddha Bowl: An Asian Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Starting today, the Paris farmers’ markets are “en fête,” which means they’re celebrating with music, photo contests, and all sorts of fun goings-on. We can all join in the festivities through Sunday- a good reason to go explore some of the 83 (at least that’s what I’ve counted) food markets in the city. The city […]

Freshly Grated Nutmeg

I couldn’t pass this one up: a little jar of whole nutmeg seeds and a miniature grater. Freshly ground nutmeg, I’ve just discovered, is simply stronger and much more aromatic than the pre-ground spice. I found my little jar of noix de muscade in the spice section of the neighborhood grocery store and have been […]