A New Look

The Tomato Knife’s taken on a whole new look. Revamping my blog has been one of my pre-occupations as of late. Considering I only seem to find time in random spurts, it’s taken me too long to get it looking the way I want. Bear with me as I continue tweaking here and there, and let me know what you think.

Here I am, sitting down with a cup of coffee, finally taking a minute to write. Wow, this feels good.

It’s been a while, so I have lots to share. In terms of culinary adventures, 2014 has been off to a pretty good start in our house. My favorites so far have been:

1. Eating veggie burgers from Cantine California in the Tuileries on a Saturday afternoon. (This food truck, by the way, is in the process of opening an actual restaurant – check their Facebook page for updates).

2. Buying sweet potatoes and chickpea flour to make these.

3. Sprinkling gomasio on everything I can.

4. Enjoying a romantic meal at Tsukasa Fukuyama’s A&M. I’m still thinking about the citrus tart with yogurt ice cream.

5. Pouring homemade salted caramel over my Gluten-free Chocolate Lava Cakes.

6. Replacing the buckwheat in these pancakes with spelt and oat bran. Yum.

7. Savouring oysters and white wine while overlooking the Bay of Arcachon at Chez Boulan.

8. Nibbling toast with tahini spread on top. I’m more than slightly addicted, especially with a smear of salted butter or honey.

9. Freezing the last of my pinto beans from New Mexico. We’ll get one more Taco Tuesday out of them.

10. Celebrating my birthday with a lemon tart from here and a Paris-Brest from here.

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