The Tomato Knife is a (mostly) food blog about (mostly) Paris. I write about:

Food and the daily discoveries I make in Paris, my “sustainable feast.” Living abroad is about savoring new tastes and recreating favorite recipes. I avoid the beaten track and go everywhere: open-air markets, hidden grocery stores, traditional brasseries, fine-dining restaurants…

Culture and the stimulating challenges (and pleasures!) of living abroad. Everyday life in Paris is a vibrant course in language, customs and finding balance between where I’m from and the country I’ve adopted.

Sustainability and how I seek to live a healthy, good-for-the-planet lifestyle no matter where I am.

black and whiteTHE AUTHOR

I grew up covered in flour on my mother’s Santa Fe countertops. Born into a vegetarian family, I’ve always been a fan of healthy cooking.

Now I live in Paris with my husband, Sébastien, and our two kids. I’m still often covered in flour, when I’m not writing, photographing, teaching or traveling. Mostly, I laugh about the colorful, cultural smorgasbord our dinner table has become. Baguettes, quinoa, red wine and pinto beans all find their place in our kitchen.

My interests in both culture and sustainability led to two Master’s degrees, French and International Humanitarian Action/Sustainable Development.

My fiction has appeared in Upstairs at Duroc and my photography in The Santa Fe Literary Review.