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Oven-roasted Purple Veggies (Recipe)

Ever since last Wednesday and my visit to the open-air market on avenue Président-Wilson I’ve had purple on my mind. What did I do with the three-inch-wide mini purple cauliflower and the purple potatoes I picked up? Cauliflower, I have to be honest, is the only vegetable I really don’t like.  I’ve recently given it […]

Tantalizing Tabouli (Recipe)

What do quinoa, mangoes and shrimp have in common? Not much; they just all found their way into my “Tantalizing Tabouli.”  I’m a huge fan of tabouli, traditionally made with bulgur wheat and dominated by fresh parsley.  I often play with different combinations of ingredients, including the grains.  This version is a fun, colorful (and […]

Fiery Moelleux au Chocolat (Recipe)

What happens when you add New Mexican chili powder to a traditional moelleux au chocolat? You get an intense chocolate dessert that makes you feel like you’re traveling continents by simply lifting your spoon.  At first, you’re in France.  You bite into tradition- smooth, rich chocolate.  Then you’re transported across the Atlantic with a spicy […]

Canapés au saumon fumé (Recipe)

One of my favorite terms in French is amuse-bouche. The verb amuser means to entertain or amuse and the word bouche means mouth. An amuse-bouche is a small hors d’oeuvre served with an apéritif. The term makes me laugh because I imagine sleepy taste buds being teased and woken up in preparation of the meal […]

Salade de chèvre chaud (Recipe)

This is one of my favorite, and easy to find, salads in France. Many restaurants and brasseries have it on their menu and, as the name implies, there will always be lettuce and warm goat cheese. The rest of the garnitures will vary depending on the restaurant, and the season. Unless its specified as an […]