Everyday Life in Paris

Welcome Baby!

You may be wondering what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve been (and still am) in baby land. 2013 has started off with the arrival of a healthy, happy baby boy in our house. Since we didn’t find out if our little one was a girl or a boy until the big day, I started […]

How to Become a Tea Drinker

I have to be honest; I’m a new tea drinker. That doesn’t mean I never drank tea, and appreciated it, in the past – quite the contrary. When I was little, my favorite before-bed drink was Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime. I liked the picture of the sleeping bear on the box and was convinced it made […]

No Palm Oil for a Year

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been fiction writing. The last week in June, I participated in the Paris Writers’ Workshop. It was a fabulous experience, one of those that changes you just so slightly and leaves you feeling inspired. I learned quite a bit during the five-day workshop (from the “nuts and […]

Buckwheat Galettes and Dessert Crepes (Recipes)

First, I’d like to say it’s cold in Paris right now. Very cold. This weekend we went to have a look at the green booksellers’ stands along the Seine. “Bouquinistes” have been selling old books, magazines, posters, etc. along the riverbanks for centuries and since 1991 the “boxes” have been classed as a UNESCO World […]

BPA – old news?

First of all, it feels like summer here in Paris. I’m seriously getting more sun, and sweating more profusely, than I did in all of July and August! It feels great and reminds me why I love Paris in September so much. Despite the weather, we’re definitely not on vacation and I’m getting back into […]