Everyday Life in Paris

C’est la rentrée!

It’s “la rentrée,” or French New Year, as I like to call it. The American term “back to school” is the closest translation I can find for the phenomenon that has been sweeping Paris for the past week. It’s a poor translation because “la rentrée” isn’t just for kids and college students; it’s for… well… […]

Upstairs at Duroc Issue 12

The latest edition of the Paris-based literary review, Upstairs at Duroc, is out and ready to be read! Why am I so excited? Under the shiny green and white cover, lies my first ever piece of published fiction! Issue 12 includes poetry, prose and photography from a varied group of international writers. If you like […]

The Widow Clicquot

Last night I went to a captivating reading at the American Library here in Paris. Tilar J. Mazzeo was presenting her New York Times Bestseller The Widow Clicquot. Many of us know of “Veuve Clicquot” champagne, but we don’t know anything about the woman behind the name. I have to admit that I had once […]

Festival du Livre Culinaire (Upcoming Event)

I just marked my calendar for the Paris Cookbook Festival 2011! Next weekend, March 3-6, over 200 publishers will gather in Paris to present their cookbooks to professionals (March 3-4) and then to the general public (March 5-6). I can’t wait to go and check the collection of recipes and enticing food photography from around […]

GMOs on the Decline in Europe

According to an article I just read on Audrey Garric’s ecology blog for Le Monde, “Les OGM reculent-ils vraiment en Europe?”, GMO use is on the decline in Europe – thanks primarily to the public. In fact, in 2010 only 0,06% of all European agricultural spaces were subject to GMO use (a 23% decrease since […]

Only in France

How can you not laugh when you see a row of over-sized underwear hanging in a wine shop’s window? Twice a year French boutiques and department stores transform themselves into one of three kinds of art. Either they become life-sized Warhols and Pollocks, bursting with bright gaudy ribbons and attention-grabbing window signs.  With yellow, blue, […]