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Easy Apple Pie (Recipe)

It’s apple season, and I’m looking at a bowl beaming with red.  I’ve stopped buying apples at the grocery store. As a fruit, they have a bad rap, continuously ending up on the “most contaminated fruits and vegetables” lists. Indeed, they’re susceptible to disease and insects seem to love them. Conventional ones are therefore highly […]

Café Pinson (Restaurant Review)

This post is for the Australian part of my family, who will be rest assured that they’ll be able to eat yummy gluten-free fare when they come to Paris. When you think French cuisine, you probably picture three important ingredients: butter, white flour and meat or fish. While I’m the first to jump on a […]

Perfect Scrambled Eggs (Recipe)

You can’t just throw any old eggs into a skillet, watch them with one eye and think you’ll get perfect scrambled eggs. Oh no, there are some secrets: the kind of eggs you use, the kind of skillet, even how you beat them and how many eyes are watching. Over the years I’ve been polishing […]

No Palm Oil for a Year

I haven’t been blogging much lately because I’ve been fiction writing. The last week in June, I participated in the Paris Writers’ Workshop. It was a fabulous experience, one of those that changes you just so slightly and leaves you feeling inspired. I learned quite a bit during the five-day workshop (from the “nuts and […]

BPA – old news?

First of all, it feels like summer here in Paris. I’m seriously getting more sun, and sweating more profusely, than I did in all of July and August! It feels great and reminds me why I love Paris in September so much. Despite the weather, we’re definitely not on vacation and I’m getting back into […]

GMOs on the Decline in Europe

According to an article I just read on Audrey Garric’s ecology blog for Le Monde, “Les OGM reculent-ils vraiment en Europe?”, GMO use is on the decline in Europe – thanks primarily to the public. In fact, in 2010 only 0,06% of all European agricultural spaces were subject to GMO use (a 23% decrease since […]