Recipes (Vegan)

No Stress Vegetable Soup (Recipe)

I’ve been shunning exact measurements recently. With all that’s going on in the world, I seem to find refuge in the simple flow of following ingredients into their recipe – I say “their recipe” because I’ve just been letting them take over. Maybe this is a bit off the wall, but I almost feel like […]

Asian String Bean Salad (Recipe)

Twice a month the city of Boulogne-Billancourt, which lies just outside the Paris city limits, hosts an organic farmers’ market. Although you often find organic stands at many Paris-area markets, there are only a few that are fully dedicated to pesticide-free produce. The marché biologique in Boulogne-Billancourt takes place the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of […]

Mexican Rice (Recipe)

I had leftover Mexican rice for lunch the other day and, even though I didn’t heat it back up, it tasted pretty good.That got me thinking of a conversation I recently had with my sister and about the list that resulted from it. There are three kinds of foods : those that just taste so much […]

Vegan Breakfast Salad (Recipe)

Conclusion first: the original experiment failed after only a few hours. I am not a vegan and will probably never succeed in becoming one (especially not in France where I am surrounded by such good yogurt and cheese). When my sister told me she was going vegan for a month, it reminded me of the […]

Fresh Tomato Salsa (Recipe)

I think it’s funny that I learned to make salsa in  Paris- out of pure necessity, really. Ever since leaving for college, one of the reasons I find myself regularly returning back to sunny Santa Fe is for the unmatched northern-style New Mexican food – warm flour tortillas, chunky green chili sauce, cheese tamales wrapped […]

My Buddha Bowl: An Asian Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Starting today, the Paris farmers’ markets are “en fête,” which means they’re celebrating with music, photo contests, and all sorts of fun goings-on. We can all join in the festivities through Sunday- a good reason to go explore some of the 83 (at least that’s what I’ve counted) food markets in the city. The city […]