Recipes (Vegan)

Homemade Engine Revving Muesli (Recipe)

After avoiding the subject for way too long, I’ve signed up for French driving lessons. Unless your American license was issued in one of the 13 states (see below) that have a reciprocity agreement with France, you have to take both the written and driving tests once you live here permanently. That means drivers’ ed […]

Organic Cucumber Apple Salad (Recipe)

I didn’t eat cucumber much before coming to France. Now it’s become a staple- and I usually have part of one hanging around somewhere in the fridge. After farmers’ market on Sunday, I came home with an especially nice-looking, organic one that I mixed into a refreshing salad. Since cucumber doesn’t have a very strong […]

Roasted Chestnuts (Recipe)

As I mentioned in my posts about bourru and bernache, tradition has it that you eat roasted chestnuts with these young “wines” that show their faces only in the autumn. There are two words for chestnut in French: marron and châtaigne. While we don’t seem to distinguish between the two in English, we certainly do […]

Leek “Fondue” (Recipe)

The French verb fondre means to melt. Most of us are familiar with Fondue Savoyarde (bread dipped into a combination of melted cheeses) or even Fondue Bourguignonne (meat dipped into hot oil).  In culinary French, however, the term doesn’t only refer to a swash-buckling meal where you have to fend for yourself. Fondre is also […]

Oven-roasted Purple Veggies (Recipe)

Ever since last Wednesday and my visit to the open-air market on avenue Président-Wilson I’ve had purple on my mind. What did I do with the three-inch-wide mini purple cauliflower and the purple potatoes I picked up? Cauliflower, I have to be honest, is the only vegetable I really don’t like.  I’ve recently given it […]