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New York Dining Guide

I have a cardboard box with “To Write About” marked on the lid. It’s filled with all sorts of papers, business cards, notes I’ve scribbled… all tangible reminders of the places we’ve been and things we’ve eaten over the last few years. The box is about to overflow, primarily because of a bulky set of […]

Gluten-Free Quiche (Recipe)

I’ve taken it upon myself to start making more gluten-free recipes. I’m enjoying the challenge of creating dishes that family and friends who are allergic to gluten normally can’t eat – like quiche. I’ve always liked experimenting with food, from trying new flours to swapping out traditional ingredients for fresh new finds. It was only […]

Doughnut Plant: Best in New York

I could never live in New York City. Why? Because of the Doughnut Plant. This is an evilly addictive bakery that specializes in natural ingredient doughnuts and is so delicious that we went a total of five times during our two-week stay in Manhattan (we would have gone even more had we discovered it the […]

Conversations from Scotland

Conversation between Sebastien and I upon arrival in Scotland a week ago: It’s not raining. S: Wow, this is great! We landed in Glasgow two hours ago and here we already are in Stirling! J: Yeah, that was super fast. We got our bags, the car, went to the bathroom in, what, an hour tops? […]

Highlights from the Highlands

If I were a sheep, I would live in Scotland. I say this because Sebastien and I have just spent five days exploring the Scottish Highlands and it was quite obvious that the sheep rule. They dominate the landscape. Happy (and oblivious) as can be, they spend the entire day grazing on the open fields. […]