Travel outside France

Eating Through San Francisco

I knew I was back in Paris this morning when I got on the metro. At 7:30, the cars on line 6 aren’t the sweaty, crowded bunkers you encounter later in the day. Actually, this morning, still caught somewhere between sleep and awake, I had to remind myself I was in public transportation on my […]

Chez moi?

I always go through some level of culture shock when I come back to the States. I never expect it, but it manages to get me every time. I’m in San Francisco, the first time back “home” in a year. The curse of falling for a foreign country (France), and actually having the good fortune […]

Jamie’s Italian, Oxford (Restaurant Review)

When traveling, you sometimes stumble upon the best places to eat without even trying. This was our case with Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant on the corner of George and Gloucester Streets in Oxford. Moseying along, we noticed a long line of people coming out of this one particular restaurant – must be good, we thought. […]

Farmers’ Markets at Gloucester Green (Oxford)

This week, I checked out the two farmers’ markets at Gloucester Green in central Oxford. Gloucester Green is a square surrounded by several stores, restaurants and some great coffee shops (Combibos Coffee and Caffe Nero both have excellent lattes). Located between Beaumont, St. George and Walton Streets, it comes alive during market times. Both markets […]

Oxford Blue and Marksbury Cheddar

It’s the Quatorze Juillet back in France. A good day to write about cheese, no? I haven’t been in Oxford very long, but I’ve already noticed quite an admiration for France – in culinary terms at any rate. Walk down the streets in the city center and you’ll come across many French-style bakeries selling croissants, […]