Travel outside France

An English (and Russian) Welcome (Oxford)

Here I am, writing you from Oxford! Two weeks of exploring and getting to know this city. This is the first time I’ve actually had Internet access while traveling. That’s exciting since I’ll be able to share my adventures and discoveries along the way. I’ll most definitely be checking out the food scene – as […]

Jade Chai Green Tea (San Francisco)

I’m sipping a steaming cup of Jade Chai Green Tea- one of my special finds in San Francisco’s China Town. Thanks to a friend, I spent the better part of an hour sticking my nose into tin after tin of rich, fragrant tea leaves- from Silver Peony (a white tea) to Organic Golden Monkey (a […]

Favorite San Francisco Restaurants

Three of the restaurants I tried while in San Francisco left quite an impression on me. What I appreciated most was the excellent vegetarian fare they all offered. In this post, I’ll be talking about Greens, an upscale vegetarian restaurant, Pauline’s Pizza and Dragon Well, a hip Chinese spot. Greens My new favorite restaurant (in […]

Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market (San Francisco)

Back from San Francisco- with lots of foodie stories to share! When I travel, it’s all about food- well, at least 85%. It’s about trying new fare and seeing what’s in, what’s local. It’s about color and spice and just plain satisfying the palate. Food-wise, San Francisco is a beautiful fusion of culture. I felt […]