Wine & Cheese

Oxford Blue and Marksbury Cheddar

It’s the Quatorze Juillet back in France. A good day to write about cheese, no? I haven’t been in Oxford very long, but I’ve already noticed quite an admiration for France – in culinary terms at any rate. Walk down the streets in the city center and you’ll come across many French-style bakeries selling croissants, […]

Cheese in Amboise

Amboise, a small town in the Loire Valley, is known primarily for its overbearing medieval castle- once home to some of France’s most famous rulers, as well as to Catherine of Medici’s ten children! Amboise is also renowned for Clos-Lucé, the stately home where Leonardo da Vinci (invited by the French King Francois I) spent […]

Cozy Wine Bar

Though I was hopeful for spring with my last post, this week’s on-and-off flurries of snow have officially confirmed that winter is not yet over. In fact, this has been the strangest, coldest winter I’ve experienced in Paris so far.  Today, alone, has been proof of divine indecision: one minute, unbelievably large snowflakes are floating […]

Bernache: Fresh Out of the Vat

It all started with the bourru wine I talked about in this post. Thanks to my sister, last weekend we got the chance to visit a seventh-generation, family-owned vineyard in Cour-Cheverny, a small rural town near Blois in the Loire Valley.  After writing about bourru, Sébastien and I were wondering if it was only a […]

Bourru wine has arrived!

Autumn doesn’t only announce it’s arrival in France with colorful leaves, but with a very unique, very young, and slightly bubbly wine called bourru. Driving on the outskirts of Bordeaux this weekend, I noticed several handwritten signs along the roads.  “Le bourru est arrivé,” wine merchants were announcing, inviting clients to purchase the juice from […]

Gallic Wine, Anyone?

Even after a few days back in Paris, I still have vineyards on my mind and can’t help sharing some photos of the twisting vines and beautiful blue grapes. I spent one of my first years in France teaching English in a small town just outside the city of Bordeaux– in other words, surrounded by […]