Caves, Castles and…Asparagus

This is the first in a series of posts on our recent trip to the Loire Valley. We never stick to the beaten track when we travel and always try to find some of the “hidden secrets” of the place we’re visiting. Read along to see some of what we discovered: where we stayed, what […]

Canapés au saumon fumé (Recipe)

One of my favorite terms in French is amuse-bouche. The verb amuser means to entertain or amuse and the word bouche means mouth. An amuse-bouche is a small hors d’oeuvre served with an apéritif. The term makes me laugh because I imagine sleepy taste buds being teased and woken up in preparation of the meal […]

How I Became a Pescetarian

The year I decided to become a “permanent expatriate” in France was the year I became a “pescetarian.” Translation: In 2005, as a teaching assistant nearing the end of her nine-month visa, I officially told my family I wasn’t leaving France. I also began eating fish. Staying in France was not a difficult decision. Becoming […]

Sweet, Salty…or Both?

On the recommendation of our local wine merchant, we decided to try a dessert wine with some Roquefort. The result: a unique combination of strong, slightly salty cheese and light, aromatic wine. I didn’t think I would be a fan of sweet wine, but am always open to trying something new, especially if it’s a […]

Everything but the Kitchen…Countertop

Before heading out on our apartment search two years ago, I had only one criteria: it had to have a kitchen countertop. I said it jokingly, not really thinking we would end up with everything but. This afternoon I decided to find out just how small our kitchen is. I pulled out the ruler and […]

Salade de chèvre chaud (Recipe)

This is one of my favorite, and easy to find, salads in France. Many restaurants and brasseries have it on their menu and, as the name implies, there will always be lettuce and warm goat cheese. The rest of the garnitures will vary depending on the restaurant, and the season. Unless its specified as an […]