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Paris Dining Guide

As part of my project “French Cuisine, Today?” I’ve started putting together a list of our favorite dining spots in Paris: restaurants, bars, cafés, boulangeries – you name it…

old paris restaurantOne of the neatest things about living in a dynamic European capital is having access to a wide variety of dining options. Sébastien and I usually steer clear of the most touristy spots and seek out quality restaurants that cater more to locals.  For the first six months we lived in Paris, we made a pact to only go to restaurants we’d never tried before – and that offered a type of food we weren’t familiar with.  We discovered all sorts of fare, from Savoyard to Breton, from Cambodian to Tibetan.  Our six-month venture didn’t last forever, simply because we got attached to a handful of favorites and keep going back!

All the restaurants on these lists have at least pescetarian options, if not full-fledged vegetarian meals.

French Restaurants

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