Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade (Recipe)

Since September, it’s been just plain busy around here: back to Paris, back to work, back to Sunday morning market (and all the colorful autumn veggies), back to self-imposed projects (like learning to print digital photographs – not as easy as I thought it would be – hanging new curtains and re-organizing our office space)… […]

Happy Curry Chowder (Recipe)

I’ve been feeling just plain happy lately. One of the reasons must surely be the sunshine that has finally come to Paris. Another reason dawned on me yesterday morning in yoga. It was the first time I’d taken an official class from my younger sister (living-room yoga during her training doesn’t count). The experience itself […]

Coconut Lentil Soup (Recipe)

Since I’m on a lentil run this week, here’s another protein/iron-packed recipe for you. This soup has become a stable in our house and I’ve made it too many times to count. I’d found the original recipe in “New Vegetarian” by Celia Brooks Brown. A good friend gave me the cookbook years ago and its […]

Mexican Rice (Recipe)

I had leftover Mexican rice for lunch the other day and, even though I didn’t heat it back up, it tasted pretty good.That got me thinking of a conversation I recently had with my sister and about the list that resulted from it. There are three kinds of foods : those that just taste so much […]

Fresh Tomato Salsa (Recipe)

I think it’s funny that I learned to make salsa in  Paris- out of pure necessity, really. Ever since leaving for college, one of the reasons I find myself regularly returning back to sunny Santa Fe is for the unmatched northern-style New Mexican food – warm flour tortillas, chunky green chili sauce, cheese tamales wrapped […]

Fiery Moelleux au Chocolat (Recipe)

What happens when you add New Mexican chili powder to a traditional moelleux au chocolat? You get an intense chocolate dessert that makes you feel like you’re traveling continents by simply lifting your spoon.  At first, you’re in France.  You bite into tradition- smooth, rich chocolate.  Then you’re transported across the Atlantic with a spicy […]