Gluten-Free Quiche (Recipe)

I’ve taken it upon myself to start making more gluten-free recipes. I’m enjoying the challenge of creating dishes that family and friends who are allergic to gluten normally can’t eat – like quiche. I’ve always liked experimenting with food, from trying new flours to swapping out traditional ingredients for fresh new finds. It was only […]

Buckwheat Galettes and Dessert Crepes (Recipes)

First, I’d like to say it’s cold in Paris right now. Very cold. This weekend we went to have a look at the green booksellers’ stands along the Seine. “Bouquinistes” have been selling old books, magazines, posters, etc. along the riverbanks for centuries and since 1991 the “boxes” have been classed as a UNESCO World […]

Gambas au Safran (Recipe)

Here’s a French-inspired dish for you, but first let me write an important reminder to myself: there are no outdoor food markets in Paris on Mondays. Not anywhere, ever. And, all the charming food shops lining the street near our apartment are also closed on Mondays, including the fruit shop, the cheese shop, the coffee […]

Salmon with Coconut-Lime Sauce (Recipe)

One of my favorite French television shows is Un dîner presque parfait. I get into it because it’s all about cooking – and trying to create an “almost perfect dinner.” In short, five amateur cooks take turns inviting each other over and making dinner. At the end of each episode (there’s one for every day […]

My Buddha Bowl: An Asian Noodle Salad (Recipe)

Starting today, the Paris farmers’ markets are “en fête,” which means they’re celebrating with music, photo contests, and all sorts of fun goings-on. We can all join in the festivities through Sunday- a good reason to go explore some of the 83 (at least that’s what I’ve counted) food markets in the city. The city […]