Detox Smoothie (Recipe)

Today’s the first day Little Buddha and I are 100% on our own. Up to now we’ve always had someone hanging out at the house with us. Fortunately, we had lots of help in the first few weeks because coordinating oneself and a newborn isn’t easy! I hadn’t believed my friends when they said taking […]

The Yogurt Diaries 2

It’s snowing in Paris – miniature flakes scurrying down from a surprisingly bright white sky. And it’s below freezing – maybe not the best time to be writing about yogurt – too cold for anything from the refrigerator. But, it’s been a yogurt factory around here and I have some stories to share. Like I […]

The Yogurt Diaries

I’m standing in the kitchen, waiting for the hot water to boil so I can sterilize the yogurt pots. That’s how cool I am right this minute – I’m making yogurt! And, I’ve found a new writing spot – the kitchen countertop. A dim light glowing over the sink, the tiniest bit of fresh air […]